25 December 2013

I Just Gotta Write

Well, apparently it has been FIVE YEARS since I last posted to this blog.


Odd thing is, I actually have three blogs if you count this one in the mix. The other two blogs are

K12 Tech Guy - computer tips and tutorials basically - hopefully some useful stuff for someone
D3 Instruction - Just started this one a few months ago and is geared toward instructional design which means the tutorials and such will be tailored to that audience

The more I thought about it, the more I figured I should keep this one going and try to add more to it. I went ahead and redid the look of the blog and probably need to work on that a little more but thought it might help with my writer's block.
OK - so that is what I am calling it - truth is, I probably have lots to write about and I simply argue with myself as to whether or not it is even important enough to share. So the idea is that it is important to me and maybe if I am lucky it will be important to someone else someday. Maybe what I write here could be useful to someone.

So - my resolution for 2014 is to contribute more to this blog along with the others.

I've tried this before but I need... to... persist...

I think I can - I think I can!

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