02 January 2016

52 Stones

Over the next 52 weeks we will be taking a journey through the Bible. The Bible is not a single book but a collection of 66 books - each one with a style and genre of its own. Within the Bible we can find examples of historical accounts, prose, poetry, songs, wisdom, advice, and prophecy.

Each Saturday will be an opportunity to review one or two books. Since there are 66 books of the Bible we will double up on some of the smaller ones. We will move in order from Genesis through Revelation.

These will be the "stones" each week - 52 in all.

I will attempt to provide a broad overview of the book as well as include any additional supporting media that I might find related to the book. I will also include some general thoughts of my own and encourage all of you to weigh in with some thoughts as well.

I do not know the origin of the quote but there is one that I have been pretty fond of over the years...

"The only difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks is how you use them."


I invite you all to join me on this adventure each week.
May these stones facilitate your progress and bring you to new locations.

Next week is our first stone... Genesis.
See you then.

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