20 May 2017

Stone 51 - Jude

In this post we will go over the book of Jude which is another really short book with only 25 verses. Nonetheless, the book contains some wisdom that we can learn from.

Jude begins his letter by indicating that his intent was to write about something else but instead found it more important to write about contending for the faith (v3).

Jude reminds his readers about some examples where the end result is destruction. He reminds of the deliverance from Egypt and the death of those who did not believe, the fate of the angels who decided to desert their positions, and the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as others for their perversions (v5-7).

Verse 10 says, "But these people blaspheme anything they don't understand, and what they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals-they destroy themselves with these things."

**How many times have we witnessed that... someone attacking something they do not understand? The acts of sex, sin, and rebellion - which are things that we all know by instinct are things that will end up destroying us if we do not learn how to deal with them. We will share the fates of those examples that Jude gives us in verses 5-7.

Jude desires to warn the reader of these people and continues to describe them as dangerous people and using some vivid imagery to do so (v12-13).

Verse 16 also shines some light on the hearts of those people as self-centered and goes on to remind us that it has been said that there will be scoffers who walk around according to their own desires (v17-18).

Jude tells the reader to keep in the love of God (v21).

So - beware the natural instincts, do not be quick to dismiss and ridicule that which you do not understand, and remain true to the unfailing love that is God.

Please enjoy the video about Jude from our friends at the Bible Project.

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