10 July 2008


Today, since it has been a few days, I thought I would at least log on and ramble a little.

Hopefully everyone had a good 4th of July holiday weekend. The weather was fabulous, at least in my neck of the woods. Had some burgers and hot dogs on the grill, the kids went swimming, wached some fireworks, etc. ya know - the traditional 4th of July type stuff.

This week has been a rather busy one. The recycling guys are coming on Friday to take all of our old computer equipment away. What a relief. We had old stuff piling up for over two years. About 75 large CRT monitors and computer towers, about a dozen or so printers, boxes of keyboards and mice, tons of floppy drives and CD drives, and even a slew of VCRs and such. Getting rid of these things will make so much more room for us in our work area! Anyway, I have been busy prepping all the stuff for the haul. I had to test all the computers for the ones that would POST and the ones that wouldn't salvaging the ones that we could. I had to remove all of the inventory labels too. It was all very time consuming.

I sent out two application packets this week as well to UW-Stout. They have a couple of positions open that I would be really interested in. I really enjoy my job now and I am good at it but either of these opportunities would be near impossible to pass up. I really enjoy working in the field of education and technology and the Instructional Design and Technology Consultant or the Information Systems Supervisor positions would be too sweet. With five children and a stay home wife/mom, I need to take all the great opportunities that come my way.

Had a big midterm project to knock out this week too for my class in Assessment for E-Learning. It is part of a graduate certification program for e-learning and online teaching. Great program, by the way. I would recommend it if you are in any position of education or training. Here is a link to get you started if you are interested.

E-Learning and Online Teaching

Anyway, big midterm project. had to get that finished up before the end of the week. It was a group effort too. Five of us had to come up with some research on various assessment tools and combine them all into one big document. I made a webpage for us all to put or work into. We are just about done as of this post.

So, back to work on the project, then.
Until next time...

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