21 July 2008

Treasure Hunting

Ahhhh, has it been a busy last few weeks with my coursework!

I finally managed a little free time and went treasure hunting (geocaching) with the family. We drove about 45 minutes away to a town with about a dozen caches in it. We managed to collect 6 of them so we will make another trip out there on another day to get the rest.

It was a really good day, actually. My three year old even found one of the caches and was so excited about it. It was the first one that he actually found. Usually I find them first but my three oldest kids each found one and I found the other three. It was a really good day for them. After a while it started pouring so we called it quits and stopped at the McDonald's in town which had a playland. It was nice to let all the kids run around in the tubes like gerbils for a while.

I should tell you about one particular cache that we found. It was a long walk - about a half mile or so one way - which is a lot for the kids really but it was a great adventure. We got to follow the abandoned train tracks and cross the river on the train bridge. The old tracks were overrun by wild raspberries which did not have many ready to pick but there were a few and we ate them. It was a first for the girls to do that and it was like finding two treasures on this run. By the time we got back to the van, it had been over an hour and Mom was really mad. Sorry, Mom. She was freaking because the other one we stopped there initially to get was only 500 feet from where we parked.

Overall, though, a good day.

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